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History & LINUX , UNIX distributions


1969 – Unix ( An application created by Bell labs)

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Popular UNIX Flavors

Solaris – Sun Microsystems’ implementation, of which there are different kinds available: these are Solaris OS for SPARC platforms, Solaris OS for x86 platforms, and Trusted Solaris for both SPARC & x86 platforms; the latest version is Solaris 10 OS

AIX – short for Advanced Interactive eXecutive; IBM’s implementation, the latest release of which, is the AIX 5L version 5.2.

SCO UnixWare and OpenServer – are implementations derived from the original AT&T Unix® source code acquired by the Santa Cruz Operation Inc. from Novell, and later on bought by Caldera Systems; the latest versions are UnixWare 7.1.3 and OpenServer 5.0.7

HP-UX – short for Hewlett-Packard UniX; the latest version is the HP-UX 11i

Popular LINUX Flavors

CentOS, a distribution derived from the same sources used by Red Hat,maintained by a dedicated volunteer community of developers with both 100% Red Hat-compatible versions and an upgraded version that is not always 100% upstream compatible

Debian, a non-commercial distribution maintained by a volunteer developer community with a strong commitment to free software principles

Fedora, a community distribution sponsored by Red Hat

Gentoo, a distribution targeted at power users, known for its FreeBSD Ports-like automated system for compiling applications from source code

Knoppix, the first Live CD distribution to run completely from removable media without installation to a hard disk, derived from Debian

Mandriva, a Red Hat derivative popular in France and Brazil, today maintained by the French company of the same name.

OpenSUSE a community distribution mainly sponsored by Novell.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is a derivative of Fedora, maintained and commercially supported by Red Hat.

SUSE Linux Enterprise, derived from openSUSE, maintained and commercially supported by Novell.

Ubuntu, a popular desktop and server distribution derived from Debian, maintained by Canonical Ltd..


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